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Winter Crisis Program, LIHWAP, PIPP PLUS Enrollment & Recertification

Utility Assistance Programs

Winter Crisis Program

The Winter Crisis Program is designed to provide qualifying households a one-time benefit during the winter months to help with reconnecting or stopping disconnection of utility services, transferring services, or obtaining a new service.

The program offers up to $175 towards households’ utility service. Funding is also available for households with bulk fuel usage.



Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) – is a federally funded program designed to help income-eligible Ohioans with their water and wastewater bills. The program runs from Oct. 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. Eligible clients are those at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG), who have been disconnected (or have a disconnection notice), have a past due amount, going into lien, need to establish new service, pay to transfer service or are seeking assistance with a current water bill (no past due balance).

Clients with a current medical certificate on file with their utility are ineligible to receive LIHWAP assistance until the medical certificate protection expires.

The household will provide documentation for the prior 30 days of income for all income types except:

  • Self-Employment, Seasonal and Other Countable Income, for which 12 months of income documentation must be provided. Household Program Eligibility at or below 175%, please see table below.

Scheduling information is below. If you are in an emergency situation, please call the same day appointment line.


Or print out an application and return it to CAA or CAA's dropbox with copies of the required documents. 

To schedule a phone interview appointment:

28 Day Appointment (513) 685-4478 Option #1
Same Day Appointment (513) 685-4478 Option #2

Our phone lines are open Monday thru Thursday 9am –11am to receive an appointment between 1:30 -3:45pm.


Applicants applying for Winter Crisis program must be at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, reside in Hamilton County and provide required documents.


Family size of person(s) in household income must be at, but not exceed:  

                                                          12-Month Income Limit                            30-Day Income Limit

Size of Household 175% 175%
1 $25,515.00 $2,097.12
2 $34,510.00 $2,836.43
3 $43,505.00 $3,575.75
4 $52,500.00 $4,315.07
5 $61,495.00 $5,054.36
6 $70,490.00 $5,793.70
7 $79,485.00 $6,533.01
8 $88,480.00 $7,272.32

Documentation needed to apply for services:

(All documentation is required each time you apply for services)

  • Valid Picture ID for Applicant (Includes all individuals listed on utility bill and those applying on applicant’s behalf. Current notarized letter is also required for individuals’ applying on applicant’s behalf)
  • Current Duke Energy Utility Bill (actual bill only, no door hangers.
  • Social Security Cards for all household members. (Must have the actual card or printout).
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship for all household members‐ Birth Certificate, Baptismal records (must show place and date), U. S. Passport, Voter registration card, Military Service Record, Verified Citizenship for OWF Program, Indian Census Record.
  • Proof of Legal Resident/Qualified Alien‐ Naturalization Papers/ Certification of Citizenship, INS ID Card, Alien Registration Cards/ Re‐entry permits, Permanent Visa, INS Form.
  • Proof of Income for the entire household for the past 30 days for all income types, except Self-employment and Seasonal income. Self-employed and seasonal households most provide 12 months of documents.
  • Reporting Zero income: must provide written statement from income source with contact info (name address, phone) detailing how your bills are paid (rent, food, utility etc.) for past 30 days. If applicable, must provide current Subsidized housing Contract Cover Letter/ Annual Lease Addendum, Rental Lease and Food Stamp printout.  Please know that further documentation maybe requested, such as “Wage and Income Transcript for all household members over 18 years of age.
    Please know that further documentation may be requested such as (IRS Transcript) and others.

Examples of Accepted Income

Please note: This is only an example of typical income sources and is not inclusive of all income documentation that may be required. If you have questions about your income documentation, ask to see a HEAP staff member before you are call for services.

  • Employment Wages: Last (2) check stubs for monthly wages.  Last (3) check stubs for bi-weekly wages. Last (5) check stubs for weekly wages or Employment Verification Form from employer showing GROSS income for the last 30 days.
  • TANF, DA: Current Award Letter
  • Utility Allowances: Subsidized Housing HAP Contract Cover Letter/ Annual Lease Addendum
  • Social Security, SSI & SSDI: Current Award Letter
  • Pension, Veterans, Retirement: Current Award Letter
  • Unemployment, Employment Disability, Workers Compensation, Child Support: Last (2) stubs if paid monthly.  Last (3) stubs if paid bi-weekly.  Last (5) stubs if paid weekly or Award Letter showing benefit amount and time period.
  • Self-employment- Self-employment form for the past 12 months and complete prior year IRS 1040 including all schedule’s that was submit to the IRS.
  • Seasonal Worker: past 12 month’s income from the date of the application.
    Must have all the requested documentation for service. Other qualifications may apply. CAA reserves the right to request additional information for individuals applying for the HEAP benefit.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying on an applicant's behalf, a notarized statement or power of attorney statement must be presented at that time. 

Customers must bring the following items to their appointment: 

  • Proof of income (copies of pay stubs, award letters, etc.)
  • Copies of their most recent energy bills
  • Photo ID
  • A list of all household members with Social Security cards and birth dates
  • All customers MUST have a printed copy of your Duke Energy bill in hand 
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship/legal residency for all household members

PLEASE NOTE: One of the following documents will be needed for Proof of U.S. Citizenship:

  • Birth Certificate/Hospital Birth Records
  • Baptismal Records (only when place and date of birth is shown)
  • Native American Census Record
  • Military Service Record
  • U.S. Passport
  • Verified Citizenship for OWF Program
  • Voter Registration Cards

PLEASE NOTE: If you are reporting zero income, the following rules apply:

  • Applicant must provide written statement from income source detailing how your bills are paid (rent, food, utility etc.). 
  • Specify any cash amount(s) and the frequency of assistance.
  • If applicable, customer must provide current HUD contract, Section 8 contract, Rental Lease and Food Stamp printout. 
  • Please know that further documentation maybe requested, such as Wage and Income Transcript for all household members over 18 years of age.