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Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus

Utility Assistance Programs

Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP)


Duke recently changed their billing portal, causing technical issues with our PIPP customers. Duke has advised us to encourage our PIPP customers to continue to pay their bills, and your PIPP status will reappear on your account soon. 

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) helps eligible Ohioans manage their energy bills year-round, offering households affordable monthly payments that help maintain gas and electric services. 

If your home is heated with gas, you will have a monthly payment of 6% of your household income for your natural gas bill and 6% for your electric bill. If you heat with electric, your monthly payment is 10% of your household income. The state of Ohio subsidizes the balance of your utility bill. There is a minimum monthly payment of $10.00.

Paying on-time and in-full each month reduces your outstanding balance. Each time a household makes their PIPP PLUS payment on time and in full, they will receive credits towards old utility debt and prevent new utility debt from occurring. If you make 24 on-time and in-full payments, and you have an outstanding balance, your outstanding balance with your utility company will be eliminated. 

Once you are enrolled in the PIPP program, you are required to re-verify your income each year. You must also be caught up on all your PIPP payments by your anniversary date, which is the date you signed up for PIPP. Failure to report changes in the household income or household members, missing a payment, or not re-verifying your income can result in being dropped from the program.

Who is eligible for PIPP?

Hamilton County residents with a household income at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty guidelines and have utility service from an electric or natural gas company regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio are eligible for the program.

A household applying for PIPP must report total gross household income for the past 30 days (12 months preferred) for all members, except wage or salary income earned by dependent minors under 18 years old. Both homeowners and renters are eligible for assistance.

2022-2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family size of person(s) in household income must be at, but not exceed:  

Size of household Total Household Income 12 Months 30-Day Income Limit
1 23,782.50 $1,954.73
2 $32,042.50 $2,633.63
3 $40,302.50 $3,312.53
4 $48,562.50 $3,991.44
5 $56,822.50 $4,670.34

*For households with more than 5 members, add $8,260 for each additional member for the yearly income or $678.90 to the 30-day income for each additional member.

How Do I Apply?

If you are reverifying for PIPP you can apply online at, or in person at your local Community Action Agency (HEAP department), or call (513) 685-4478 if you are enrolling for PIPP for the first time. When you apply, you will need to complete the Energy Assistance Application (English or Spanish) and submit a copy of the following documents:

  • a copy of your most recent utility bills, gas and/or electric,
  • a list of all household members (include birth dates and Social Security numbers) and proof of income for the last 30 days for each member (12 months preferred)
  • Proof of citizenship or legal residency for all household members.

If you are applying by mail, applicants can print and fill out this application or pick up an application at Community Action Agency (1740 Langdon Farm Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45237) or local library and send required documents to:

Ohio Office of Community Assistance, Home Energy Assistance Program

P.O. Box 1240

Columbus, Ohio 43216

**Please note: mailed applications may take 4-8 weeks processing time.*