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Ohio Home Relief Program

Family Support

Ohio Home Relief Program

The State of Ohio has designated a portion of the CARES funding to help low-income Ohioans who have fallen behind on their rent, mortgage, and water bills through the Ohio Home Relief Grant (OHRG). Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency (CHCCAA) is administering the OHRG in Hamilton County. Applications will be accepted starting on November 2, 2020 and will continue until the program ends on December 30, 2020. Families and individuals in Hamilton County, Ohio who have outstanding rent, mortgage, water, and/or sewer bills that date back to April 1, 2020 may be eligible for assistance if they are:

  • At or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines,  
  • Have been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic and,  
  • Are past due Rent, Mortgage, or Water/Sewer bills at their Primary Residence.

For utility bills that include more than the water or sewer services, assistance can be provided to maintain service or prevent shut off only. We will make direct payments on behalf of the applicant to the landlord, bank, or water and/or sewer company. A household can receive assistance in more than one category.


Ohioans will need to provide the following information when they apply:
• Names of all household members
• Date of Birth
• Social Security Number
• Current or Previous address
• Copies of Social Security cards, or verification for each household member
• Proof of income for all household members 18 years or older for a minimum of the past 30 days
• Any supporting documentation to demonstrate need
• Hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic

To receive Rental Assistance, you will need to provide:
• Eviction or past due rent notice. Notice should include total amount due (including fees)
• If moving to a new location, justification for the move (i.e. currently homeless, living with another family and not sufficient space etc.)
• Landlord verification/proof of ownership and agreement to receive funds
• Lease agreement

To receive Mortgage Assistance, you will need to provide:
• Notice of late mortgage payment (including taxes and insurance)

To receive Utility Assistance, you will need to provide:
• Copy of utility bill demonstrating the account has been shut off, is in disconnect status or is past due


CAA has designed a referral process for agencies who are working with clients who are in need meeting the criteria above.  Assistance will be provided from April 1st through December 30th. CAA will provide voucher to referring agency after application has been processed for payment.  Allow 10-15 days for processing. 

If interested, partnering agency should have client complete our online Ohio Home Relief application, release form and provide:

  • Copy of ID of head of household
  • Copies of SS cards for all members in the households
  • 30 days income (unemployment, pay stubs, social security) or complete self-declaration form to document in file.
  • Case Notes 

In addition to the above, For Rental Assistance provide:

  • Eviction or past due rent notice
  • Completed landlord statement  
  • Landlord W9 & Debarment
  • Copy of Lease Agreement 

For Mortgage Assistance

  • Statement showing past due mortgage payment (can include taxes and insurance) 

For Water & Sewer Assistance

  • Statement showing past due water and sewer