Early Head Start

Early Head Start is quality early childhood education for pregnant moms and parents with babies from birth to age 3.

Learning from Day 1 - Research shows the most important times of your child’s development happens while they are in the womb and continues through age five.  Early Head Start helps to develop your infant’s and toddler’s mind, emotions and social skills. Early Head Start prepares you and your child for a life time of learning through  prenatal education, health resources, problem solving activities and social skill building. Parents are their child’s first teacher and the home is the baby’s first classroom. During the first year, out teachers will assist you and your infant at home to work on activities to increase your child’s learning.

Children Learn with Others -  through positive relationships and interacting with other children. Early Head Start increases your child’s growth through supervised learning activities with other children their age at our early education schools. Here you can talk with teachers and other parents to form valuable relationships. Head Start accepts and values all children and treats them all equally.

Parents are Supported - We listen to parents and empower them to be even greater leaders of their child’s education. We have a network of resources, including Children’s Hospital, and Healthy Moms & Babies available to you and your family. Plus, the Community Action Agency provides home energy assistance, emergency services, job search assistance and more.

Early Head Start supports pregnant moms with:
Prenatal education
Nutrition counseling
Personal home visits
Childbirth education
Information about growth, development & health
Breastfeeding education
Newborn care classes
Parenting classes
Fatherhood education
and fun activities like baby shower bingo, infant massage and more.

Early Head Start is available to:
Pregnant moms and or parents with children ages birth to 3
Residents of Hamilton County
Income-eligible households
To get more information or to enroll, call 569-4510.