CAA Partners With Gabriel's Place

August 10, 2013 - Gabriel’s Place in Avondale is a farm, farmers market and community kitchen all rolled into one. Fresh fruit and vegetables are grown on the property, worked by volunteers and sold every Thursday from 5-7 pm. A community kitchen is available there too, a place where neighbors can enjoy foods made right from the garden. Gabriel’s Place is also home to an aquaponics system where Blue Gill fish are raised and coming (continues here) soon – a couple dozen chickens! 

Executive Director, Myrita Craig wants the community to see Gabriel’s Place as not just an answer to the food desert in Avondale, but also an overall food solution. “The goal is to create opportunities on all sides of the spectrum from growing food to cooking food, even the way food and health are related,” said Craig.

Drive by the former Episcopal Church on Reading road next to the Hirsch Recreation Center and you’ll see that the grounds of Gabriel’s place are undergoing a major renovation. Craig insists it isn’t just a makeover, it's a kind of rebirth. “We have new resources, a new crop of volunteers and community partners as well as a firm foundation to move forward with significant momentum for Avondale and the greater Cincinnati community,” said Craig.

The CAA connection extends beyond the community garden and kitchen.  Students in CAA’s YouthBuild construction training program are helping with renovations inside Gabriel’s Place.  “It’s especially gratifying when our students can work on a project that benefits the community in the way that Gabriel’s Place does, we feel good about it,” said Tim Johnson, CAA YouthBuild program coordinator.

For more information on Gabriel’s Place and how you can get involved call 513-378-4489.