Workforce Development Makes the Job Connection

Anthony Foster is proof that CAA’s Workforce Development program puts people on a path to a better life. At 43 Anthony entered the Cincinnati Manufacturing Certificates (CMC) class with the hope of just completing it and earning a certificate. Five weeks later, he’s leaving the program with a new job and a new lease on life. He says the CMC class provided the foundation... “I feel good about it. It was exciting, my first interview and I got the job.” Anthony has been hired by Thyssen Krupp Bilstein, an international auto parts manufacturer headquartered in Hamilton, OH.  He along with 14 other graduates recently completed the 140-hour online curriculum. Steven O’brien of Thyssen Krupp Bilstein says it was Anthony’s personality and his in-depth “knowledge of manufacturing’s core characteristics” that helped him land the job. “When you can go and match wits with someone who expects you to know what you’re talking about -  its’ a confidence booster,” Anthony said. O’brien says the CMC Class, a nationally accredited curriculum “fits very well into the culture of our company.” Anthony is the 10th graduate of the program to be hired by the company, and he’s part of an increasing number of workers riding the comeback of manufacturing jobs for which technical knowledge and a significant understanding of production processes is a must. CAA’s Manufacturing Class provides that knowledge base and it needs more people like Anthony…willing to step up to the challenge and give it a go. Anthony’s glad he did. He now tries to be an inspiration to others. “I go back to my old neighborhood in Walnut Hills and talk to the guys and give my testimony.”  Anthony starts his new job on September 9th. Good Luck to Anthony and Many Thanks to Thyssen Krupp Bilstein.
Workforce Development is recruiting participants for the next CMC class to begin in mid-July. Please send referrals to Jerry O’Flynn, at ext 1049, or